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Gaylord Palms Guests Celebrate Earth Day with Eco-Fest

Apr 9, 2024

Resort Guests Can Enjoy Atrium Tours, Seed Giveaways & Special Cocktails

At Earth Day Eco-Fest, guests can learn more about alligators and other wildlife inside the resort's Gator Springs area.

KISSIMMEE, Fla. — It's a conservation celebration for guests at Gaylord Palms on April 20 and then again on April 27, as the resort marks this year's Earth Day and Earth Month with guided ecology tours through its 4.5-acre garden atrium, close-up looks at Florida wildlife, live shows by the Adventure Kids, seed giveaways, special Earth Day-themed craft cocktails, and more.

Designed for guests staying on property, all Earth Day Eco-Fest events, except the scavenger hunt, are complimentary for resort guests.

Here's a rundown of Earth Day Eco-Fest events on April 20 and April 27:

GET WILD ABOUT EARTH DAY: Get up-close to Florida's famous wildlife in "Wild Encounters: Florida's Fauna and Flora Conservation." Expert curators will showcase animals like owls, snakes, and alligators, and talk about how they help the state's ecosystem. They'll also bring a few special friends with them, including a giant snapping turtle named "Kong," a rare albino alligator, and a pygmy anteater. (Specific animals appearing vary each show.)

ATRIUM ADVENTURE: The "Florida Explorers' Atrium Tours" will highlight Gaylord Palms own ecosystem - its 4.5-acre garden atrium. These guided tours dive into Florida's rich history and vibrant ecology along the winding pathways of the atrium. The Gaylord Palms atrium pays homage to famous cities and regions across Sunshine State with plant life, wildlife and landmarks that represent each area, and more than 500,000 plants thrive in the 72-degree environment as they live alongside Florida wildlife.

CONSERVATION-MINDED COCKTAILS: Gaylord Palms mixologists will feature two special, eco-themed cocktails at the bar located inside MOOR restaurant. Bees - important to our biodiversity by pollinating plants that maintain our food supply - take center stage on two tasty libations. The first, called the Palms Gold Rush, includes the sweet honey harvested from the Gaylord Palms beehives and combines it with Woodford Reserve Bourbon and freshly squeezed lemon juice for a slightly sweet and smoky cocktail. A second drink is the resort's Honey Berry Lemonade, which combines the Gaylord Palms honey with spring water, vodka and three types of fresh berries for a crisp and refreshing flavor.

BE AN ECO-SEEKER: Families can join in on an eco-focused scavenger hunt that challenges them to solve clues while looking high and low for items in the atrium. By following clues in the scavenger hunt booklet, they will find hidden items while learning more about sustainability and the spring season.

EXPLORE MORE WITH ADVENTURE KIDS: The Adventure Kids - Seth the Sea Turtle, Ava the Alligator, and their best buddies Sophie and Mason - star in their own show, "Sprout Into Spring." Young guests and families learn about conservation during the springtime season, when many parts of the country begin warming up and become ecologically reinvigorated after the colder, winter months.

SHINING A LIGHT ON PLANET EARTH: "Luminosity," the light show that takes place every evening on the animated LED light curtains that hang from the resort atrium's ceiling, will include a special Earth Day and Earth Month salute. The show begins each evening at 9 p.m. and is complimentary; guests with select atrium-view rooms can enjoy the show from the comfort of their balcony.

BRING YOUR GREEN THUMB: Guests will be able to continue their environmental adventures at home with seed packet giveaways. Seeds will be given to guests taking part in the Florida Explorers' Atrium Tours and the Adventure Kids' "Sprout Into Spring" show.

For more information about Earth Day Eco-Fest or to book a room at Gaylord Palms, guests can go to

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